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We offer customised tennis training programmes to players of different skill levels and ensure that lessons are engaging, interactive and fun. We seek to create an organisational culture marked by professionalism and quality services to offer our students the best possible environment to train or learn tennis. We maintain a high level of excellence and aspire to produce stars of tomorrow. We desire to spread local awareness of the sport and potential of tennis.

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Age: 26 Years Old


Age: 27 Years Old


Age: 21 Years Old

Huai Shen

Age: 26 Years Old


Age: 25 Years Old

Joel Owen

Age: 25 Years Old


Age: 52 Years Old

Marc Ong

Experience: 8 yrs | National Champion
Specialty: Training in groups
Court Pref. Farrer Park Tennis Cente
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    • Member of Singapore tennis association.
    • Good Knowledge & Passionate about spreading the awareness of Tennis

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Versatile and tailor-made drills that work on your weakness. Ernest is a coach that builds focus on consistency play. I feel more confident in my games after training with him. Mingyi

Attended, Adults Tennis Lessons

Ernest engages with my two boys very well. He makes tennis fun yet not compromising coaching standards. My kids look forward to his lesson every week! Kok Ping, Father of Ryan and Brendan

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Marc is very patient in coaching both our sons. He instills the love of the game through making it a fun learning experience. This motivates the kids to want to improve and to take up the game seriously. Stefan and Colleen Herrera

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Coach Ernest is a dedicated and patient coach who has been coaching my son for the past 3 year. Although Coach is young but with his passion in the game and professional coaching knowledge in coaching young children, my son has greatly benefited under his guidance. I would not hesitate to strongly recommend to anyone such for professional service.      

Thank you Coach


Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Coach Marc classes have always been fun as he comes up with different drills every week! Goetz

Attended, Adults Tennis Lessons

Coach Joel is very accommodating with my difficult schedule and I have been able to improve my game significantly in the past months thanks to his keen eye, patience, and helpful instruction. Recommended!

Ben Happel

Attended, Adults Tennis Lessons

I have been learning tennis with Ernest for about 1 year . Ernest is an enthusiastic coach who is always encouraging and has good knowledge how I can learn new techniques better. I am really enjoying playing tennis and keeping making progress on it now.


Nelson Ni

Attended, Adults Tennis Lessons

“During a tennis meet up, my friend introduced me to Ernest, telling me he is good tennis coach that can correct some of my errors and stroke. I was a bit hesitant initially as I already had a coach for 2 years. However i still go ahead for the trial lesson. I was amazed by how Ernest can quickly identify errors in stroke and corrected my footsteps. I continue my training with Ernest till now. I am very satisfy and happy with my decision to go under Ernest coaching. I strongly recommend Ernest if you are looking to improve your strokes to strive for the best”


Sharon Siah

Attended, Adults Tennis Lessons

I got to know Ernest on May 2014. When I had my first lesson with him, I thought he looked young and was doubtful whether he could coach or had the right qualifications. He turned out to a very competent coach who is always patient and encouraging. I was not a beginner but I perfected my strokes under his training. He taught me the correct foot work which was key to a breakthrough in my rallying. I am sure I will continue to improve under his coaching.



Attended, Adults Tennis Lessons

Coach Ernest has been instructing my two children for the past 1 year. He is an excellent coach and my children really look forward to every tennis lesson. Ernest is always on time, never cancels and is a real professional. In the few months my children have been training with him their tennis skills have improved dramatically. We are all very happy to have him as coach.

Andrew Goldstein

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

My son jaydn ( 9 yr old) started playing tennis under coach Marc about 6 months ago. Have never been in contact with this game before can play pretty well now…!! Thanks to coach Marc for being extremely patience with him and tolerate the tantrums he thrown. Jaydn loves being on the tennis court with Marc, I watched him that day and he definite have some nice strokes. He also loves the tennis camp, and can’t wait for the next one…
Thank you Marc, you have done very well coaching him.

Jennifer Wilkins

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Ernest is very patient and professional. He works well with my 3 kids and they enjoy every lesson! Jess

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Marc is a patient and knowledgeable coach, who is good with both kids and adults. My wife and son both started tennis with him and enjoy their lessons, while I have made improvements after a few sessions. He has many useful drills that can be flexibly adapted, and also good ideas for off-court fitness. We always look forward to our lessons!


Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

The most important thing is that the court teacher is the best teacher I have met.

Yan Zhang

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Marc Chow has been coaching my son (5 years old) and myself for last 6 months. While many turned down that my son was too young to learn Tennis now, Marc is the one who encouraged us to give a try.. at this age the success criterion to me is not how well he plays tennis rather it was about inducing his interest for the sport.This is where Marc handled my son very well…my son showed immense interest and he would get ready 30 mins before scheduled time. We also tried other sports like soccer, swimming etc, but his interest to Tennis was way high.. that’s when we realised at this age interest for the game is purely based on the coach they get. A good coach plays a very crucial role n it can be a make or break situation. Marc scored 10/10 on this aspect and helped to create a right atmosphere for my son. Marc showed so much patience and whenever my son got distracted in the court and would work at getting my son back on track. Kudos to Marc!!!

Balajee Nagarajan

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

I have known Ernest for 4 months in the capacity of a tennis coach for my 11 year old son. During this time, Ernest has proven himself to be extremely diligent, enthusiastic and reliable.

He has never once missed an appointment with my son and has always been punctual. He also goes the extra mile to remind us about the lessons beforehand.

As an enthusiastic and energetic young man, Ernest has managed to engage my son during practice and strikes a good balance between being serious about teaching and making the lessons fun.

My son has improved greatly in tennis over the past 4 months and enjoys the sport much more than before. I am extremely grateful to Ernest for that and affirm him as an excellent tennis coach.


Jeanie Khoo, Mother of Mark

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

Two of my daughters have been learning tennis from coach Marc. Marc has always instill discipline in his lesson and making the lesson fun for the kids at the same time. My kids really love his lesson and look forward for his classes every week. Jeeya and Jeevna

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

My daughter had a week of practice with coach Joel whilst we were on holiday in Singapore and we were very happy . a great service and coach Joel provided us with very useful information and tips. Thank you to Joel and Whipper Tennis!

Paul David

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

My 8 year-old daughter thoroughly enjoys her lessons with Coach Ernest who is patient, fun, encouraging and really good with children. He is also very accomodating and easy going. Not to mention his cool ball machine which helps during his coaching as he can then work on the same side with the students to improve their technics and also videotaped their shots to discuss afterwards. Highly recommended!

Kiat Ching

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

My Son is 6 years now and has been learning with Ernest for around a half year .Tennis is the one sports that he seems to enjoy very much and loves to go to lessons coached by Ernest. Now , my Son is steadily improving his basic ball skills and most importantly he grows his confidence in playing tennis.


Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

I have signed up my 3 sons age 7yrs, 9yrs, and 11yrs with coach Ernest since December 2015. From knowing nothing about tennis, my kids are now able to play the basic techniques and progressing each lesson. Ernest is a young and energetic coach. He is patient & systematic in coaching young children. My kids love to attend his lessons. We see the drive in him to make his tennis coaching business succeed. Yes! We will recommend Ernest if you are looking for a committed coach with the right attitude.


Laura, Mother of Sean, Ted and Lucas

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

I was lucky to find Ernest and would recommend him to other mothers who want to get their kids interested in tennis.  Ernest is infinitely patient and fun teacher who has been instructing my three kids for the last year.  They love their sessions with him and look forward to their weekly lesson. 

Jennifer, Mother of Jake, Leo and Eden

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons

My son Jake has been learning tennis from Ernest since 2014.  Ernest is energetic and systematic in teaching lessons.  His motivation and eagerness to push help my son develop further.  We are absolutely satisfied with his commitment and dedication.  Zero doubt to recommend Ernest as his name indicates.


Richard, Father of Jake Yang

Attended, Kids Tennis Lessons