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Whether you are a beginner or you just want a hitting session for your kids, you can simply engage us to suit your need. You may refer to our competitive tennis rates for tennis lessons and coach hiring in Singapore. Alternatively, you can check out our upcoming events and our services. Have a look on the table below.
Lessons / Services / Events Price per hour Price per hour per additional pax
Kid Tennis Lesson $80 per pax $10
Adults Tennis Lesson $80 per pax $10
Group Tennis Lesson $110 per 4 pax $10
Corporate Tennis Lesson Contact us for more info
Tennis Hitting Partner $65
Courses & Services Check out our services
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Frequently asked questions

What happens when it rains?
Before lesson starts

Please liaise directly with your coach. You may cancel / reschedule another lesson and there will be no charge. However, inform your coach at least 1 hour prior to the lesson.

During the lesson

To cover our coaches travel fee and time loss, if it rains between 0 – 30 mins into the lesson, a charge of 50% will be incurred. After 30 mins into the lesson, it will be counted as a full hour. However, our coaches will make up on the loss timings for the particular lesson during the next scheduled class.

What if I have to cancel the class?
Private lessons

Please liaise directly with your coach and you may cancel the lesson at no cost if it is at least 1-2 hours prior to the lesson.

Where do you conduct the tennis lessons?
Our coaches are able to travel to wherever is most convenient for you.
If you live in a private apartment/condominium with tennis court available, you can book the court(s) and liaise directly with your coach.
If your lesson is held at public tennis court(s), you or the coach may book the court(s) and the lesson will be carried out accordingly.
Please check out our public court tab above for more information on the locations of the different tennis courts available in Singapore.
How do I book a tennis court?
Public Courts

Please sign up and book with the required information at or and liaise with your coach directly.
Please refer to our public court tab above to find out which website you can book the courts at.

Private Apartment/Condominium

Please approach your management office/guardhouse/website to find out more about how to book the tennis courts.

How long would it take for me to learn the basics of tennis?
Based on our experience, you would be able to learn the basics by the 8th – 12th lesson. However, many factors like e.g. prior experience, coordination, health & fitness level may play a part in your learning progress.
How do I make payment for the coaching fees?
After registration, we will contact you and arrange a suitable coach for the Trial lesson. Coaching fees are to be paid in full via Internet bank transfer, ATM transfer or cheque payment at least 1 day before lesson commences. More information will be given once the lesson is confirmed.
All payment will be made to Whipper Tennis Academy and do not make payment to your coach unless you have been notified. This is to ensure transparency between Whipper Tennis Academy, the coaches and the students.
What happens if I decide to discontinue my package signed-up?
According to company policy, you are entitled to receive a 50% refund on all remaining lessons in your package.
I can’t find an answer to my question.
You may fill in the enquiry form here or contact Coach Ernest at 90611295 or Coach Marc at 91299772. We are more than happy to answer your queries.