Tennis Kids Camp

Whipper Tennis Academy organises a tennis kids camp on every June and December holiday.

We believe that kids are our future and having events like this helps nurture the interest in them.

When it comes to kids it can get a bit challenging as they are constantly on the lookout for the next fun thing to do. Thus, with a sport like tennis it helps create a new focus for them, plus exercising is always a plus point!

Which is why we try our best to create an enjoyable yet conducive environment for them to learn new skills while having a blast at the same time!

We’ve planned multiple tennis kids camp in the past few years and you can view them here.

Our tennis camps are usually held from morning to the late evening with transportation and lunch provided! Half of the day’s activities consists of team building games to help foster relationship amongst the kids and the other half focused on the sport of playing tennis.

Apart from our bi-annual kids camp, we do organise combined hitting sessions for kids as well! This gives all of them greater exposure and an opportunity for them to learn from one another.

If you’re interested in signing your kids up for any of our future tennis camps, do follow us on our facebook page or drop us a message via the chatbox on the right to get the latest news of any upcoming camps/ hitting sessions!