What will we learn in the lesson?

For beginners, the first step would be learning the forehand followed by the backhand of which both swings takes up 99% of what you’re doing on court.
– Forehand image followed by backhand image

*Fret not, as our coaches at Whipper Tennis Academy will be there on hand to direct you with the different pointers you need to take to perfect both swings!

Learning your forehand and backhand isn’t enough as you need to include your footwork as well to help you move around the court efficiently. Fun Fact* – A tennis court is 78 feet long and 36 feet in width! Which is why, it is really important for you to get ready in the right position before you hit the ball as both your swing and footwork got to go hand in hand.

The next thing we will touch on is your Serve, this is what we use when we start a game. Giving a big and powerful serve will definitely give you a big advantage in the game, but you have to do it correctly with the correct stroke instead of just using strength else it’ll backfire on you.

Beginners might have the wrong mindset as to how each shot should be executed, thus our coaches will be there to share his knowledge with you and correct you so that you can optimise every ball that you hit.

Volley comes from the sport of Volleyball; the ball must not touch the ground. Referring to volley in the game of tennis, it carries the same essence, the tennis ball must not bounce off the ground while you hit it back and forth. To do this, you have to stand closer to the net.

Last but not least, as we all know that tennis is a sport and it can be quite physically challenging. Not only must you be fast around the court but you have to be strong and build the correct muscle for the game as well. So in between lessons we will do some physical exercises as well so that your body is ready for the game so that you will not get any unnecessary injuries.

Every player has their own strengths and weaknesses which is why no two players are the same and this is the beauty of the game. Mental strength plays a huge part as well, as with every other sport or things you do in life. So, if you’re looking for a sport that challenges you both physically and mentally, do message us on the chatbox on the right to enquire more about tennis and what we can provide for you!